Smart Air Sterilizer(EnviAir)

  • No periodic filter replacement is required by applying plasma fusion sterilization technology of UV-C LEDs, Bi-Polar ions.
  • Sterilize viruses [including COVID-19], harmful substances, and pathogens
  • Providing real-time air quality information (PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde, temperature/humidity)
  • Product air quality information is monitored by IoT cloud-based remote servers
  • Remotely On/Off function in the product
  • Remotely sending banner messages to products (advertising, announcements

The smart air sterilizer "EnviAir" inhales ambient air and sterilizes the proteins of viruses and pathogens with UV-C LEDs inside the equipment.

Bi-Polar Plasma ion generator releases a large amount of positive (+) and negative (-) ions to the outside of the equipment, and the space where the equipment is installed is ) To deodorize and sterilize, remove VOC (hazardous chemicals), and quickly improve indoor air through deodorization to provide a safe space.

Also, through the air quality sensor built into the equipment, the temperature and humidity of the installed space, ultrafine dust, TVOC, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, etc. can be checked directly through the LCD screen so that people can trust the equipment.

The operation of the equipment auto matically adjusts the speed of the fan by integrating the environmental information of the air quality and motion sensor. The air quality detection information of the equip- ment can be stored and monitored through the IoTbased remote central control server.

Purpose / Model Air Sterilizer(indoor) / EnviAir
UV-C Wavelength 260nm ~ 270nm
Ion Concentration Positive ion : 2.4 billion, Negative ion : 3.2 billion (PCS/㎤)
Air quality sensor Temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, CH2O
Motion Sensor PIR
Display 5" TFT LCD
Air volume(㎥/h) Max. 51
Color Gray, Black
Fan speed 4,000 rpm
Power 12V
Power Consumption 7.2W
Weight Approx. 1.2kg
Size (WxHxD mm) 235 x 360 x 89
Control Board Memory Ram 325KB, Flash 1MB

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