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Bio Products

AI Thermal Camera (Dlight Pro)

• Non-contact Hight-accurate Body Temperature Measurement 35℃ ~ 38℃, Accuracy±0.3℃
• AI Detecting 20-30pcs Human Faces Simultaneously and Snapshot
• Alarm Output if Abnormal Temperature Detected
• Voice Broadcast
• Fire Alert
• Third-party Platform Docking
• Can Record Identification Information and Temperature Information for Future Search
Detection Accuracy : Target Temperature : 35℃~38℃, accuracy±0.3℃
Target Temperature : 20℃~33℃ or 38℃~50℃, accuracy±0.6℃
Other Temperature : Accuracy±2℃
• Field of View : Horizontal Angle : 35˚, Vertical Angle : 27˚
• Image Mode : Black hot/White hot/Ironrow/Rainbow and etc, multi-color modes selectable

Ai Thermal camera(Dlight PRO) is a system that measures heat by using infrared and optical cameras. It is installed at the entrance of public places to quickly measure the body temperature of several people at the same time, non-contact measurement, high measurement accuracy, and fast it has the advantage of alarming and alarming of abnormal heat.

Sensor Vox Uncooled Thermal Sensor Technology
Resolution 256x192
Pixel Interval 12㎛
NETD ≤60mk(@25℃, F#=1.0)
Detection Accuracy Target Temperature : 35℃~38℃, accuracy±0.6℃
Target Temperature:20℃~33℃ or 38℃~50℃, accuracy±0.6℃
Other Temperature:Accuracy±2℃
Field of View Horizontal Angle:35˚, Vertical Angle:27˚
Image Mode Blackhot/Whitehot/Ironrow/Rainbow and etc, multi-color modes selectable
Image Sensor 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
Resolution 1920x1080P @ 25fps
Focal Length 4mm
Field of View Horizontal Angle:84˚, Vertical Angle:45˚
Mini. Illumination 0.005Lux@F1.2 Color mode, 0.001Lux@F1.2(B/W)
Noise Reduction 2D DNR; 3D DNR
Dynamic Range ≥80dB
S/N Ratio ≥46dB(AGC OFF)

Schools, Hospitals, Government offices, Banks, Sports centers, Bus/Subway/Terminals, Companies/Cafes/Restaurants, Public facilities/Construction sites, Shopping malls/Large buildings, etc.