Drone-Surveillance Platform

Drone-Surveillance Platform

S-Band 3D AESA Radar [EN-S116A/S132A]

• SDR based AESA 3D radar
• 2.9 ~ 3.1GHz S-band, Up to 50 MHz Bandwidth.
• Azimuth coverage 120˚ [-60˚ ~ 60˚]
• Elevation : 90˚[-5 ~ 85˚]
• Lightweight and folding design technology for easy portability
• Drone detections Maximum 3.5Km ~ 4.5Km [RCS0.01㎡]
• Easy to maintain

The S-band 3D AESA radar is the latest SDR technology 3D radar designed to detect and track small, slow-moving targets. Compared to the traditional rotating system, the fixed station operation ensures the detection and tracking of very small targets and can be operated in all weather conditions in all seasons.

State-of-the-art lightweight and folding design technologies / elivers superior detection performance through memory-intensive design paradigms and orthogonal linear element-level digital array configurations.

The operator can transport it to the aircraft's luggage and install it quickly on-site.Innovative, high-level design technology provides optimal drone monitoring and tracking performance at an optimal cost.

Signal processing is an array digital signal processing technology, and radar signal processing is applied with lateral waveform suppression, CFAR, pulse & sweep integration, and technology. Clutter suppression algorithms also applied the Doppler adaptive processing technology, the 3D positioning algorithm to the joint azimuth estimation technology, and the integrated tracker hardware to the signal processor. You can simply cover 360° azimuth by deploying 3 radar systems.

Depending on the maximum radiation power size, there are two types of 3D radars: EN-S116A, EN-S116A consists of 16 transmitters and 16+8 receiver arrays, and EN-132A consists of 32 transmitters and 32+16 receiver arrays.

Monitor frequency range 20MHz ~ 6GHz
Directional detection frequency range 400MHz ~ 6GHz
Detection distance ≥5Km
Polarization method Vertical Polarization
Directional detection accuracy ≤5˚RMS(May vary depending on environmental conditions)
Directional detection sensitivity ≤27dBuV/m
Detection range angle of direction : 0˚~360˚, Elevation:0˚~80˚
Minimum dwell time of signal ≤1ms
Accuracy of alarm ≥90%
Response time ≤3s
To Send / Receive Data Ethernet Cable. or 4G
Application Signal form Remote control, Send image, etc
Drone database Library upgrade and extension features
Tuning Resolution 10Hz
Sweep speed 50GHz/s @ 1.2MHz RBW 이상
Receiver phase noise ≤-100dBc/Hz at 20KHz offset
DAN(Display Average Noise Level) ≤-140dBm/Hz
Operation temperature -40°C ~ 55°C
Power AC 220V
Environmental protection IP66
Equipment size Diameter:632mm, Height:470mm
Equipment weight 15Kg
Support leg size contraction height:930mm, maximum height:1460mm, minimum height:830mm,
diameter:150mm, weight:9.35kg